Practise week as a Reps Coach trainee

(Prathamesh Chavan) #1

Hello All,

Me and Trishul were the Coach training partners and over this week, we discussed some unique issues where the Coach’s involvement and perception could be vital.

These issues were some of the problems a Coachee can discuss with his/her Coach and the Coach’s feedback could be very important in framing the action plan.

The issues which we discussed as a part of the case studies are as follows :

  • Coachee has attended a session in a technical fest and now he wants to organize a similar talk in his college and ultimately initiate a community in his college.
  • The community only conduct events if initiated by college like tech fest, else they remain dormant. The community is not so active and Coachee needs to make it active on a regular basis.
  • Coachee is knowledgeable in a specific domain and wants to conduct regional activities under that domain.
  • Coachee is a new Mozilla Rep and is a part of a dormant community. Old members have moved out of place and there is very less scope of reactivating the community.

The above cases were discussed in a rotation manner where I was a Coach and Trishul was a Coachee in the first turn and later Trishul was a Coach and I was a Coachee.

The summary of this discussion is as follows.
Prathamesh as a Coach :

  • Promote emerging technologies to raise interest
  • Make groups, small meet ups, write blogs to create community awareness.
  • When there is no community, start from college, then coordinate with friends of friends of other college.
  • For dormant community, contact left over members, talk about current opportunities (which you can get from reps call, discourse). Try to get in touch with tech fest organisers and ensure community presence there.

Trishul as a Coach :

  • Form small tech groups and organize events.
  • Meet enthusiasts and create awareness about existing projects
  • Join local community meet ups and talk about your contributions
  • Promote emerging technology, opportunities and awareness

Trishul focused more on the communications and achievable goals. He was specific to the functional domain and can work towards understanding the contemporary affairs.

A coach is a person to whom a coachee can look upon as a ultimate troubleshooter and a mutual communication and making use of the knowledge and expertise could be a key to success in this relationship.

Best regards,
Prathamesh Chavan