Prathamesh is joining The Review Team

(Rizki Kelimutu) #1

Hello lovely Reps around the globe,

As Ankit’s term in the Reps Council has been over, I’m thrilled to announce that we now have Prathamesh in the Review Team as a representative from The Council replacing Ankit’s position.

The Review Team is a specialized group responsible in reviewing and approving or rejecting every budget requests made by Mozilla Reps. This team is working in close coordination and supervision of Reps Council. The team are consist of 7 members including 2 staff representatives, 1 representative from The Reps Council, and 4 volunteer members. You can check more information about The Review Team in the following wiki:

Not to forget, I would like to thank Ankit for his dedication & contribution in the Review Team during his tenure. We can’t thank you enough for his exceptional work.

And please, join me to congratulate & cheer Prathamesh on his new role!

On behalf of The Review Team,