Print recipes

(Tiffanie) #1

NOTE: This needs more research into if there is truly a need here

This is to make printing out recipes into cards (akin to Hello Fresh, Plated, and other “meal box” services) easier. There could perhaps be a plug-in or add-on to a browser that could link to a physical device that specializes in the printing and laminating of the recipe.

Some reasons behind this, people enjoy finding online recipes but the recipes are “stuck” on the internet. Various people mentioned having to bring devices (tablets and laptops) into the kitchen to use the recipes, but then have to babysit the device. Going to sleep was an annoyance and the device needs to be protected from splatter and water.

There was also a conversation about the ease of using the cards and moving them around the kitchen. Vs cookbooks which are large and bulky and can be hard to keep open.

A gut feeling I have is that these cards are also a curated collection of recipes whereas the cookbook (store bought) usually has many undesired recipes as well.

**Based on observations during the Busy Family research I was involved in during September.