Privacy breach!


So I wanted to take a screenshot and I heard of the new “feature” and tried it. Oblivious of the Web 3.0 bullshit icon I clicked on Save… WTF? My screenshot was automatically uploaded to a Mozilla server!!! WITHOUT ASKING PERMISSION!!! Now my sensitive information is on a Mozilla server!!! THANKS MOZILLA!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

(Clouserw) #2

Sorry for the trouble. You can delete the shot by clicking the trashcan icon. In the future, there is a Download button next to the Save button which will keep it all local.


It shouldn’t have been uploaded to the internet in the first place!!! I don’t “Download” a screenshot (from where?? the web??), I “Save” a screenshot to my local storage. WTF is up with the mixed-up terminology? This is a major design flaw and misleading to users! Also, I had to enable third-party cookies to delete it!!! What was once a privacy-friendly browser is now a privacy nightmare! Mozilla has abused my trust and Firefox should be on the spyware lists. Get your heads out of the “CLOUD” and cut all this crap.

(Clouserw) #4

The 3rd party cookie problem was a bug and was fixed in, I think, Firefox 58.

Thanks for your feedback.

(Bernhard S.) #5

I also fell for that trap - I am really furious about that the “Save” option is spreading any sensitive information I might have in my browser window throughout the web.

Having a “delete” button does not really help here, the harm has alreqady been done.

What i am missing is a clear description of the function, call the function at least “Upload to”, and at least display and ask for my consent of the Privacy policy of said service first before sharing ANY data.


(Daniel Serodio) #6

Bob, I understand that the wording could be improved, the “cloud” icon indicates that it will be saved “in the cloud”.

But please keep the discourse civilized. What makes Mozilla great, more then the software, is the community.

(Steven J Lilley) #7

This has just caught me out too. I’m disappointed that Mozilla would make the primary button result in an action that is less privacy focussed then it could be.