(Marc Allef) #1


I just do not want my data stored anywhere in the internet. So I would
like a checkbox in settings, that would even remove the button “store”.
I never agreed to firefox, that my screenshots may be sent to anyone.
The tool has big potential: All I would like to have is a “ctrl-c” and
"ctrl-v" functionality for inserting the image into any other application.



(tresronours) #2

Can’t agree more, just tried the feature and got totally disgusted by the cloud storage button, that with no warning at all, goes and store shot publicly available to anyone, without having a storage policy agreement, privacy settings !
This button shall not appear unless expressly requested by user.
This will lead to confidential information leak in an unseen ever way ! Webmail content, company internal information leak ! This is absolutely bad !
about to blacklist the url of mozilla screenshot site from network.

(tresronours) #3

Had to blacklist the domain from network.
This is incredibly dangerous. Already see employee that would like to share something from an internal, let’s say, Jira project, with confidential code, thinking they use an internal feature, and makes data public without being aware of this.
blacklisted the domain, at least it won’t push data outside.


In light of this thread, I think the only solution is to completely abandon Firefox Screenshots. It’s not needed in the least bit anyway because there are extensions that do the same things and more.

(Mememe) #5

@ Marc_Allef Great feedback and SOLUTION.


I personally like cloud storage option, it’s very convenient. Remember that the screenshots you take aren’t made public. You get a link with a code that’s required to open it. Screenshots expire in 14 days and you can also delete them manually.

Having said all that, I do believe that cloud storage should be optional and that it would be nice if you could choose to save it locally instead. But I’m happy with the cloud service and I will be using it. That’s because I normally take screenshots in order to show something to friends online, so after taking a screenshot, I still had to upload it to some service such as Dropbox, which is not much different than having it on mozilla servers.

(Clouserw) #7

You don’t need to save anything to the cloud to use Firefox Screenshots. There is a download button right next to the save button. In Firefox 59 there is also a copy-to-clipboard button as well.