Probable bricking of Tablet

(Pavithran) #1

Home Screen after building new B2G is as below. :arrow_double_down:
I tried reflashing with the builds available in Dropbox but there was no use. Even stable gives me the same Home screen. :unamused:

(Pavithran) #2

The same solution as the one we used for the screen reader issue worked for me.

I used.

  • adb shell
  • wipe data
  • reboot

(Mandeep) #3

The stable builds on dropbox have this broken homescreen issue, apparently this is solvable just by rebooting the tablet but I built and flashed gaia on mine to resolve it.

(Pavithran) #4

I dont think it worked in my case by just rebooting. In fact flashing with various builds was of no use.

Ahh should have done that :smile: