Problem..any solution?

(Robert Nordmann) #1

As much as it in theory is a good thing, it doesnt work on instagram, which is what i had hoped as i already have addons that work on other sites… any solution for this?

Ive tried 10 times now and it just doesnt work the option to save/store etc… isnt there at all so im assuming instagram has set something in the way mayhaps?


(Test_Pilot_John) #3

Hey Robert, I’m unable to reproduce your issue. You should be able to take screenshots on Instagram. A few questions:

Can you tell me about your system (Windows? Mac? Linux?, what version etc?)
Are you able to take screenshots on other sites? Is the problem just connected to Instagram?
Finally are you using any other add-ons right now? It could be that another add-on is interfering with the functionality.

(Robert Nordmann) #4

theres not really anything to take screenshot of, the square is there but thats it (the options etc arnt). I was able to screenshot facebook and youtube (just tried it to make sure it was just on insta in my case). Im using screengrab by oleksandr which also work on every site ive tried BUT instagram, so if any of you work out instagram im sticking with the one who does. i use windows 7


(Robert Nordmann) #5

ok. heres a sample, as you can see its just the square, the options to save etc… arnt there.


(Test_Pilot_John) #6


Looks like the buttons are just off the page…which is no good. I’ll file an issue to fix this!

(Test_Pilot_John) #7

Actually, Robert…try clicking on the highlighted region and then scrolling down a bit. does that work?

(Robert Nordmann) #8

it seems it works if i browse my own timeline (if that makes sense), if i open a instagram post (to have fullsize etc…) it doesnt work.