Problem trying to get the whole page

(Wayne Furber) #1

I had a problem trying to get the whole page

See how the menu bar appears down lower

Please take a look at “Awesome Screenshot” for Chrome

The drop down menu and other feature that really make it easy to use

Also it does not have the same issues with the menu bar

You are doing a great job keep it up



(Yenk) #2

I have the same problem. Not possible to make a screencap of the whole page… :frowning:

(Arron Standish) #3

Yeah, when I take a screenshot of 4chan or whatever, it cuts off anything below a certain point. It would be nice if it could screenshot the entire page!

(Clouserw) #4

Images are cut off at 10000 pixels for performance reasons right now. We’d like to improve it in the future as we can optimize our code. Thanks for using Screenshots!