Problem using YouTube Flash Video Player 64

(Ukbobboy) #1

Dear YouTube Flash Video Player Add-on users and Developers.

Ever since this add-on was updated to V64 on 23rd January 2018 I have been unable to play 30 seconds digital album music samples on

I first noticed this behaviour in early December 2017 when version 63 was released but that was quickly corrected when V63.1 was released later that same month. But now I have found that release V64 has reintroduced this bug that has disabled the ability to play Amazon music samples and, unfortunately, it does not matter whether I disable this add-on or switch options from “Flash Video” to “HTML5” the results are still the same, i.e. the facility to play Amazon music samples has been switched off.

Please let me know if this reintroduced bug, that was fixed in V63.1, will be fixed again?

UK Bob