Project Smart Home becomes Project Haiku

(Sam Foster) #1

We are making it official: The project formerly known as “Project Smart Home” is now Project Haiku. We are moving and renaming things where we can but expect a few stragglers for a while.

Anyone following the Smart Home project at all has probably wondered where the “Home” (or Smart?) is in the recent work we have been doing. Although many of the principles articulated in the original project description remain totally relevant to this project, as we completed our first user research study it quickly became clear that home automation and the industry’s notion of a smart home was not the set of problems we were passionate about, or where we felt we could get most traction. Instead, a theme was emerging around connecting people and non-intrusive communication.

So, after much discussion, we settled on Project Haiku as a new name for the team, and the overarching project we are embarked on. To be clear, this is not a product name and we don’t anticipate confusion in the world between this thing and the mobile OS called Project Haiku, and no doubt others. Finding an appropriate, unique name is tough going on impossible, but as we narrow down our MVP and target market we’ll brainstorm product names and do trademark searches etc. at that time. We’ll still be Project Haiku.

We’ve renamed our repo [1], our IRC channel [2], our Google Drive directory[3], our Wiki page[4] and a ton of other instances. We’ll get the rest over time. Let us know if you spot something we missed.

  2. #haiku

The Project Haiku Team