Prompted to download and install Firefox patch

(Chuck Baker) #1

While browsing today, I had a tab open from prompting me to download and run a file called “firefox-patch.exe”. No explanation about what the patch was about. The page looked legitimate inasmuch as it was using the official Fx logo and colors.

I downloaded and scanned the patch and it came up clean with MacAfee but I did not run it. It is a small file (298 kb). Did anyone else get this notification? Is it legit?

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #2

Surely not probably you have a virus on your computer.

(Noah) #3

I’ve run into this fake Firefox update before as well! While browsing Imgur, it appeared automatically as a popup. From a different site though: (link was dead after just 1 visit). There seems to be a outbreak of these sites pushing this “patch” malware. 26 of these sites sighted here:

It was called “Firefox Update Center”. Screenshot below:

I didn’t think to grab the patch file. Chuck, would you happen to still have a copy of this file? If you do, would you mind sending a copy to & Tyler has some AV partner contacts and is willing to submit the file to them so that at least this file will be detected as a virus and stopped by the AVs.

(Chuck Baker) #4

I do happen to have a copy of the patch (it’s quarantined under McAfee)
but when I try to attach it to send to & the attachment is refused. I don’t know if it’s
Thunderbird on my end, my ISP,, or gmail that’s refusing to
accept it. Do you know of some other way to send it?

Chuck Baker

(Swarnava) #5

Make it zip, and upload it on filesharing website like dropbox, google drive and share the link

(Chuck Baker) #6

Ok, I’ve managed to upload it to my domain:

Will whomever needs it, will they be able to get this post?

(Noah) #7

Remarkable speed, Chuck! I wasn’t expecting a reply that fast. :smiley:

Thank you! That worked! I was able to download your zip file. I’ll see if there’s some way I can trick gmail into sending it as a attachment. I’ll also send Tyler your domain link just in case that doesn’t work out. Thanks again!