Proposal to change search behavior in the string list

The String list search and the Machinery search UIs look the same, but behave differently. Former searches after the last keystroke (with a 500 ms delay), while latter searches after Enter is pressed.

I propose we unify the behavior and require Enter in the string list, as well. Search on every keystroke is great when it’s fast, but string list search is not always fast. It becomes really tedious if more than 500 ms pass between the keystrokes and search gets triggered too early.

I’ve deployed the proposed changes to stage for your feedback:

I wonder how confusing the change in the behavior is, as well as the new behavior. Looking forward to your feedback!


Hi Matjaž.

I agree with the Enter to search proposal. Sometimes it’s nice to trigger search automatically, but especially fixing typos was really anoying with that behaviour.


I’m always in favor of consistency, and I know that I personally always hit “Enter” when I’m done typing my search terms (which was a bit frustrating as it didn’t do anything). So yes to this change!

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Yes, I agree as well!

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