PSA: update your rustc

(Fabrice) #1

I landed a rustup in that moves us to rustc from 2016-04-29

Time to update your tools!

(Fabrice) #2

And… update again, now to Rustc 2016-05-07

(Fabrice) #3

Current version is now 2016-05-07

(Oleg) #4

You likely wanted to say Current version is 2016-05-22 :slight_smile:

(Fabrice) #5

Yep, thanks Oleg!

(Fabrice) #6

Hopefully getting it right today: we are now using 2016-05-29

(Fabrice) #7

And thanks to a clippy change, we’re now on 2016-05-31

(Fabrice) #8

Now on 2016-06-16 because of an Aster update.

(Julien Wajsberg) #9

and now on nightly-2016-06-24 for the same reason.