Putting sites behind Mozilla's Auth0

Hi IAM Aficionados,

who needs to be approached to get Mozilla properties (RPs) to implement our
IAM/Auth0 mechanism?

Only Google auth (i.e. strong candidates):

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Hi Henrik,

See the URL below to review the SSO Property Migration Plan, a prioritized
list of all of the RP’s to be cutover. We’ve identified the
stakeholders/owners for each of the RP’s in the “Contributor” field.



Hi Terahn,

the two sites I mentioned are currently not using Okta. Therefore they are
not on the migration plan.

Do we have a process to get lists from whatever-auth-they-currently-use
migrated to our Mozilla Auth0 IAM solution?

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Note to my future self:

Rob Miller told me that

Yes, I think we do want to migrate to Auth0. Unfortunately, [we currently] got nobody to tackle this or any other redash related work.

Source: Email thread

From: Rob Miller
Date: Mon, May 15, 2017 at 11:09 PM
Subject: Re: Mozilla Auth0 on sql.telemetry.mozilla.org
To: Henrik Mitsch
Cc: Frank Bertsch, Blake Imsland

Regarding crash-stats.mozilla.com, we are planning to switch to Auth0.
We plan to use mozilla-django-oidc which both willkg and myself have put some effort into.

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