QA and regression of flatfish

For bug about flatfish, its usually hard to find out the regression of it. We need to wait a lot of days for getting the information. Also, the build of Flatfish Device does not stay in Dropbox more than one week. So it will be quite hard for any contributor to find out when a bug has first time effect.

Therefore, I would propose to keep all the builds for flatfish in Dropbox or somewhere like that. So it will be helpful to find any regression of a bug.

Also, can we open up a dedicated QA team who will be responsible for confirming bugs filled for flatfish and also will try to find out the regression?


I would say that TCP is tight on resources but we do have people that are triaging Flatfish bugs.
The builds don’t stay on Dropbox because as newer features are put into the latest version, we work with that. I totally understand that you want to check on regression of previous builds, but I’m not sure if we can keep ALL builds from our vendor on Dropbox.

ping @asa


Yes. Agree with you @feer56 that we need to test new features. But, if anything is broken, we must need to test the cause of it and find the regression. As all the build is not kept, as a volunteer, its quite hard to do.

Can we host it somewhere? Anyone would provide us hosting?


Weijun file hosting