QA Contributor Mentoring Day

(Hossain Al Ikram) #1

Hello everyone
For encouraging more contributors to contribute in QA, We will be hosting QA Contributor Mentoring Day. This event will be a One day (10 Hours long) event on Desktop Firefox QA. We will show most of the things needed for Bug Triage and Bug Verification. We will invite 50 new people who are interested to contribute in QA, and help them get started with QA. We will make sure, every participants do their First Bug Triage & First Bug Verification in the event!

The Primary Goal of this event is to increase the number of contributors we already have after QA Marathon Dhaka event. We have decided to focus only on Firefox Desktop, As we want to show all the things to do Bug Triage and Bug Verification with Firefox Desktop. As like earlier, We hosted online events for our participants of QA Marathon Dhaka, This will continue for the participants of QA Contributor Mentoring Day. We will show them all the basic things, so that they can gulp new opportunities in the Online events! Then, we can invite them to contribute in Firefox Mobile QA & Firefox OS QA!

So, QA Folks , give your suggestions or feedback to make it more better!

(alex_mayorga) #2


This sounds very interesting.

Would there be options for remote participation?


(Hossain Al Ikram) #3

Hey @alex_mayorga
I am happy that you found it interesting! If you are interested to join remotely, I can try to ensure your participation :smiley: But , just see if the time is appropriate for you. The event will be on 9 AM to 6 PM (On GMT+6 ) . If the time is okay, I can ensure your remote participation :wink:


(alex_mayorga) #4

Thanks! But it seems we’re standing at exact opposite sides of the world it’s GMT-6 here…

Perhaps you could record the most important bits?