Question: How often is MDN updated for changes in BCD and Kumascript repos?

Hello! BCD appears to have a regular cycle of publishing one new release per week. (Except recently 21 June, which was inexplicably skipped.) However, MDN currently displays BCD data only from the second last release, v0.0.84, which is now 25 days old. The npm-shrinkwrap.json file in the Kumascript repo suggests an even older version, v0.0.78, would be live. How often is the BCD data on MDN supposed to be updated?

Bonus question: how often are the Kumascript macros themselves (and the data in the repo that feeds some of them) updated on MDN?

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A new deployment is made using the latest version every week or so.

You can look at to see the deployed commit of KumaScript.

As for BCD data, you need to force refresh the pages where the data was updates while logged in.

Cool, I didn’t notice that mentioned anywhere in the repo docs. Does anyone in particular have a responsibility to ensure this is done on the necessary pages? (Author, committer, releaser…) Or will a bot eventually pick it up so changes aren’t left waiting in limbo forever?

Did this apply to Kumascript as well or just BCD?


BCD usually releases every Thursday, but it is a BCD Owner who decides and starts the release process. I am one of the Owners. There are others, please see the gov doc. There are weeks when the entire owner team is busy or there are holidays or other circumstances that will lead to a no-release week. So far that hasn’t been a problem. Data consumers seem to be happy with the almost-every-week release schedule. What problem does it create for you if we skip a week?

BCD gets deployed to MDN on Thursdays as well, if a release happened. For that, the latest KumaScript master will be deployed. So, KS is deployed in theory weekly, too. KumaScript has no Owner, though. It is a legacy codebase and we’re investigatimg getting rid of as it has all sorts of problems.

One problem is the updated output of the macros on the MDN pages. It doesn’t happen automatically, so it is also problematic for fresh BCD data to show up weekly. You can either force-refresh manually, or wait until about the end of every month when I request to run a re-rendering of all pages that have a compat table.

That’s very useful information and answers all my questions, thanks!

None! I was just wondering why my changes made on 18 June hadn’t appeared by 8 July. A signed in hard refresh did fix it :slight_smile:

@fscholz - for some reason, I was under the impression that you or someone was already going through and refreshing pages that use the tables affected by BCD changes each time. I guess I was just applying wishful thinking. :slight_smile:

I did that during migration from old tables to new tables. I’m not doing that anymore because BCD’s throughput (the amount and size of PRs), has probably tripled or something since then.
The bug I’m always using for re-rendering is if you want to follow along.

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That of course totally makes sense. I had been wondering about your ability to manage all that. :smiley: