Quick question about writing style

Should i Capitalize after a colon. If its one word and definition after?
“Word: definition”.

I would say in general, that if the writing style guide isn’t explicit on a point like that, and if it’s not really obviously right or wrong one way or the other, then it doesn’t matter much, and it’s not really worthwhile to change docs from one to the other.

For our docs, clarity, helpfulness, and correctness are more important than fine style guide points.

Awsome thanks, good tip.

+100 to what @wbamberg said.

FWIW, my dead-tree Chicago Manual of Style says, basically, let grammar be your guide. If the colon is within a sentence, lower case after; if it is the lead-in to a sentence, upper case after.

The definition of a word is often a fragment, but sometimes it’s a sentence. So I would upper case it. But lower case is not “wrong”.

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