Re create B2G based on Android

It could have been us if they’d only had allowed us to repurpose the codebase into a generic platform for web-based development :frowning:

Yes, we should have built it similarly to Android, at lease in how fast users can type on the phone and type without the keyboard constantly deopping in the middle of use, and - like the Android phone - it could have had a back button. Also, like the Firefox browser has, we could have added a forward button to make it more convenient since most users that use mobile phones use them almost like or as their computers. I wish that if we made these improvements, we could be allowed to retry having the Firefox OS phone out there, again.

Hi guys, is there any news on the porting project? Someone has made any test? If yes, could you please update the community?

By the way, I was wondering if we could use as base the open project Replicant instead of Android stock version.


Wow, there’s loads of good ideas in here! I know that discussion on technical and philosophical direction of B2G OS has pretty much died out, but here’s my thoughts:

Philosophical direction: maintain the same philosophical direction as before, I see no reason to change this; after all this is why you’re all so passionate about continuing B2G anyway :slight_smile:

Technical direction:

  • Booting direct to Fennec on AOSP is a simpler way, but isn’t really a continuation of FirefoxOS or B2G OS; this doesn’t make it a bad direction, but it’s a different project, more like “Boot2Fennec”.
  • Forking the necessary parts of Gonk and writing extra bits / recompiling to allow running Fennec directly on this (no Java, ART thing) is a much bigger task - I’m not surprised that I can’t find any trace of anyone working on this (AstianOS website and github don’t appear to have been updated for a while)

Personally I like the idea of the second option more than the first though, so what are the difficult parts of this:

  1. newGonk = AOSP + fork of necessary Gonk parts
    ** The fork of Gonk needs to be maintained and must remain compatible with the evolution of AOSP and Fennec
  2. newGecko/Gaia = Fennec recompiled to target newGonk
    ** Will need to be done each time a new version of Fennec is released
  3. extra bits that are needed for a phone, i.e. telephony, SMS etc, as described many times in this thread
    ** this part is necessary for either of the main technical directions

As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m very happy and willing to help anyone that’s working on a continuation of B2G OS, regardless of which technical direction they’re working on. As I help, I’ll learn more and ultimately be able to help implement as well as test.

So, let me know when you’re ready :wink:

Cheers :slight_smile:

Are there any updates on this?

Hi @chintan.greenzone more info here: KaiOS & Mozilla Partnership. Any scope for B2G?
Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

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