Received a faulty tablet. DoA

(Kane Dania) #1

I received my a week ago. But since than I have tried every possible way to turn it on. Without any success. I have tried charging it with the charger that came in that package, my Nexus 7 working charger, & my Sony Xperia charger. I have also tried to charge it directly with my PC using USB. Than I went to the TCP irc channel where someone suggested me to to use ADB. I tried that by connecting my tablet to USB and connecting to PC by pressing (Volume- & Power button) and (Volume+ & Power button) but ADB does not recognise anything. Can anyone help me get this thing to work. Thanks

(Andrew [:feer56] ) #2

Are you saying that you are not getting a response when you plug in the device into a power source? Hmm… Could you shoot an email over to and we’ll see if we can arrange to have the device sent back and get you a new one if there are any left over. There’s no point in keeping a device that doesn’t work, please do not hold onto the device if it really does not work.

(Caspy7) #3

I don’t want to get hopes up too much for a replacement tablet, for the moment at least, as I believe all tablets have been assigned recipients.  
(I’m not saying it won’t be a possibility though.)