Recovering data from a webmail calendar

Hello, I am currently working and I am stuck on a project that requires retrieving the data (events, appointments) of an agenda (calendar) from a famous webmail (email account) (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook ) or a website host webmail (Ionos).
I am taker of any idea (api or others) which will be able to unblock me.

Hello @Richie

you would need to check if all of those service offer some kind of api that allow you to connect to them and retrive the data that you like

those api would tell the requirement on how to connect and how to retreive data and the format of that data so you parse it later in the way you like

manytime they offer multi api for different lanagauge

this is the api for google callender

and also try to search of api that can do that for all provider which do the hard part for you like getting different format of data and different way to how to retrive data and just make it one simple api and data format

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile: