Reference to code from other source

Hi everyone,

I tried to find an answer to my question in the questions that are already answered but I couldn’t find it. I need to use several codes from other sources in my extension such as encoding or hashing functions like md4, md2, and LZString. Can I use any code from GitHub by giving references? If yes should all the code from other sources be in a separate file (like md4.js md2.js or Can I combine them in a single script file?). If not, how I can use them?

Thanks for your attention.


Asuman Senol

I think keeping the libraries in separate files will facilitate faster review. More info:

You can also use NPM and Webpack or Rollup or any other bundler to bundle your code.
But you will need to provide your build script for the reviewer.
So it may be easier to download the libraries manually and import them to your code with ES6 module import.

Thank you for your replies! I have used more than 20 encoding and hashing algorithms and should I import them one by one? And what if I need to change some small parts of the code that I used from other sources? As far as I know, reviewers use checksum for validation in that case can it be a problem?

Thanks a lot!