Reflections from the Practice Week

(Mehul Patel) #1

Hey Everyone,

I have shared my feedback, observations, and learnings about the cases that I and Dinesh were discussed and posted in below threads :

  1. Practice week - Coaching on Training cases (Mehul as Coach & Dinesh as Coachee)
  2. Coaching practice week on cases (Dinesh as Coach & Mehul as Coachee)

Here are a few of my reflections from the practice week:


  • After the successful talk/event, A functional doer - should be available (social channels etc) to help the people who approached him post-event (offline/online). This motivates people to work more.

  • Self-approach and motivation much needed. for the de-motivation factor, the contributor can always approach to peers from other community or reps or alumni to get inspired to do more.

  • Feedback always helps to reach out to Key Results.

  • I have found it helpful to divide listening into three different categories, and have leaders focus on developing each as a skill unto itself.

  • Being a Coach, you should be a good listener to understand the real time problems/queries of a contributor and here Power of questions helps to analyze the issues and moreover, it gave a hint to take a one step ahead towards solutions.

Thoughts on teaching kits to train cases:

  • A question is most powerful when neither the asker nor the responder knows the answer until the question is answered. : This is the best quote for Power Of Question.

  • A Teachable Kits are the best resources and activities that guide a user through the teaching process with real-time experiences and scenarios.

  • While discussion going on training cases one by one I found that all the 4 cases are interconnected with each other and somewhere at every point teachable resources aligned where we can easily find solutions to that.

This practice week helped me a lot to identify where and how I need to improve.

Thanks to @sayak and @dineshmv38 who has supported throughout the week and providing feedback about my thoughts and overall working way.

Mehul Patel