Refresh/sync option in UI

Some devices (like for example some smart plugs) have a hardware button/switch to turn them on/off manually, and I personally like the ones which have it.
But using that button may put the device off sync with the state known to gateway, which, as far as I can tell, never “polls” the device for its actual status.
Would it be possibile to add a “refresh” or “sync” action in the UI which forces the gateway to read the device status and update its status according to the result? Or did I miss some function and it’s already there?

I second the question…

Could MIOT also describe if/when the GW attempts to synchronize device state such as during boot or if there are any default polling times built in for all devices?

This is not an issue with the gateway, but rather with the individual add-on(s). The add-on needs to poll the device state, so if that’s not happening, I’d suggest opening an issue against it. Which device(s) are you having issues with?

it’s the zigbee adapter; but shouldn’t it be a good idea to add a function for manual polling? After all, it’s basically it is just a “get current value, set received value in gw/UI state”.
I fill file an issue there, though, thanks.

Edit: I have put a comment here: