Rel="me" via Mozilla's profile


(David Ross - Mozilla Rep & UK Community) #1

So both Mastodon and Pixelfed are recently using rel="me" as an identity confirmation against user accounts. More at Indie Web on this topic. Could be a timely moment to consider integration via Mozilla’s asset profiles (Discourse, Mozillians, Reps)?

An example of this is my self-hosted Mastodon account. Note the new green highlighted and checked idenitity are confirmed via the rel link on my blog.

I’ve added <a href="" rel="me">Mastodon</a> as a test HTML link to both my Mozillians profile, and here in Discourse. I’ve been flipping between both as registered URL’s on my Mastodon account during testing. Neither appear to work.

I understand it could be an added security measure to strip all HTML from these profiles. With a team looking at DWeb technologies inside Mozilla, I wonder if perhaps there might be value in using our profiles as a form of wider identity

(Akshay) #2

Made an issue on mozillians.

Interestingly, this is not an HTML standard and not mentioned in MDN.