ReMo portal release - 492

(Tasos Katsoulas) #1

ReMo release 492 is out the door!

Highlights of the release:

  • Members of the Peers group have read-only access to all the polls in the voting app.
  • Review group is now handling the budget requests in the voting app.

The full backlog of the release:

$ git log 491..492 --pretty="%h %s" --no-merges

96919fa [bug 1302981] Hide edit poll button for groups with readonly access.
cd25fa8 Fix short description for `get_groups`.
610290f Upgrade handlebars to version 4.0.5
3df76bf [fix bug 1305728] Change Bugzilla flags for automated polls.
38e195f Enhance voting functionality permissions
60d4942 Remove 'beta' from API's url.
13b5e36 Upgrade Django to version 1.8.15.
7eff54f Enable memcache in travis test settings.
df451d2 [bug 1301416] Fix voting permissions for the 'Review' group.
85e638c Cache pip and tox.
a4fbe62 [bug 1302981] Add 'Peers' group to the portal.
1d1bacd Add memcache to travis.
e67f871 Fix docstring in data migration.
e67bce8 Add tox for testing.
db00bef Fix broken requirements.
dd47590 Upgrade django-csp to version 3.0.
3869e40 List user groups in profiles app list_display.
3b6b9a3 [fix bug 1301416] Add 'Review' group into the portal.
448f6e7 Update flake8 in dev requirements.
ad000c1 Filter events by campaign in the admin panel.
e8f82e2 Remove duplicate 'ANON_ALWAYS' entry.
d82bcfe [Bug 935018] Data fields doesn't disappear after selecting All Events
e5e676c Bug 1115112 - Only 3 Buttons/Tabs displayed for a squeezed/mobile version of the portal
c9b62c1 Bug 1228436 - Accounts settings float around for different resolutions
86f4947 [fix bug 1198134] Sort the results in range polls.
25df849 Enable markdown syntax for poll description.

Special thanks to everyone who made this release happen!