ReMo portal release 495

(John Giannelos) #1

Hey ReMo portal friends!

Release 495 is out the door. The changelog also captures some minor releases happened since our last post.

Here is the full changelog of this release:

$ git log 492..495 --pretty="%h %s" --no-merges

b2c6cd5 [Fix bug 1310964] Fix recipients on automated voting emails.
bc81786 [fix bug 1308910] Fix voting permissions.
c5df48a Fix CSP security violations.
eaf5d0a Remove unused scripts.
6bbc034 Remove vagrant section.
b1ac3bd [fix bug 1307452] Add CORS headers on the root of the API.
577142b Enable CSP violations to sentry.
95ab10e Fix CSP issue in ReMo.
07260b9 Make LegacyReportingTests.test_old_report_redirect test solid.
b3a538b DummyCache for Travis
e414bad Remove duplicate settings.
19b3907 [Fix bug 1307452] Add CORS headers for the public API
2f89bc3 Address email templates for budget requests to the review team.
75bc02a Add 'Peers' and 'Review' in internal API queries.
5004a38 Send automated polls to Review group.
21676d8 Add Peers and Review template filters.
e9830b1 Add 'active' field in CBV forms.

Special thanks to everyone who made this release happen! :rocket: