ReMo portal releases 496 to 498

(Tasos Katsoulas) #1

Hello ReMo portal friends,

Three small releases went out the door since the last post. The big highlight of those is that mentors can now see who nominated a mentee for the Rep of the month in the mentee’s profile. Special thanks to Safwan for making this happen!

The full changelog:

$ git log 496..498 --pretty="%h %s" --no-merges

5da2734d Add django-jinja as tox depedency.
8bedbb71 Bump oidc lib to version 0.1.6.
7eef61bd Fix `next' redirection url.
decf5310 Use pip for oidc lib.
b0f53be5 [Bug 1313018] Save also the nominator of the Rep

Until next time!

(Michael Kohler) #2

Hi tasos

Was the feature regarding nomination already deployed for the last nomination period? I would say no, but would want to make sure. Because right now, this is what I see for the second nominee:

Let’s not mention any names, we don’t want to spoil it :wink:


(Safwan Rahman) #3

@mkohler Can you please explain more?
There was a bug that let the mentor nominate himself. The patch I provided fixed that. Also, according to Bug 1313018, the nominator name should be visible. I and @akatsoulas discussed over IRC and found that its best to show the name in the button.
Let me know if there are any issues

(Michael Kohler) #4

I did not see any button on the nominees user page (maybe because the nominate button will be hidden once the voting starts). But in that case that’s not the problem I saw. I would need to check further in the code and in my local instance, will do that once I have time. I will file bugs in bugzilla once I investigated further. Thanks!