ReMo release 2017-07-28

(Tasos Katsoulas) #1

A new release went live in our production server which fixed a couple of Celery related bugs.
Specifically, a misconfiguration in Celery did not allow the periodic tasks to run properly. This had as a result that action items were not resolved and the sync with mozillians did not happen. We expect that everything will go back to normal in the next few hours when all the scheduled tasks will have finished.

The full changelog:
669965f3 Update BROKER_URL for Celery.
785b6dfb Change the default value of CELERY_ALWAYS_EAGER.
c1f6108c [fix bug 1382208] Fix signal declaration in periodic tasks.
7352cd70 Deploy staging in production cluster
5f8ecc60 [fix bug 1378264] Add activity data in event fixtures.

ParSys Sprint - IAM/CoSS Sprint 12 Review