Remove/reduce size of "Site Information" link in address bar

My sNewTab add-on replaces the default Firefox new tab functionality.

An unfortunate effect of the addon though is this huge space wasting button on the left of the address bar…

I want to remove the “Extension (sNewTab)” part so it looks more like normal:

How do I do this?


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You can’t remove that. It’s a security feature that tell users when a page comes from an extension (vs. a website).

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If you just want to hack it on your own device, you can:

Thanks both. It is a personal addon only, so I will hack away!

I appreciate it’s a security feature, but it doesn’t have to take up so much space!!
Perhaps it could be a red? jigsaw icon to indicate it’s an extension then you hover for the extension name.

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This has become a very real problem for me. I use a tiling window manager (i3wm) and often place two browser windows side-by-side. This reduces the available width for the address bar, especially with a few extensions in the toolbar.

I use an extension to serve a custom ‘new tab’ page, and its ‘site information’ icon takes up the entire address bar. As a result, I have about 4 pixels of room to click the address bar to enter text. That’s definitely undesirable behavior. I suppose it’s a good default for most users, but it would be very helpful to have an option to remove/hide it somehow.

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this is a real problem for me too. I don’t have windows at full size and I actually use my toolbar. the site info widow is so big on not-full-screen-width instances that I can’t type or even click on the real address bar to select the text there or type the address I want to use. Especially on my laptop , the non full size window can be almost full size there and I still can’t use the address bar. It’s obviously has a smaller screen, but truthfully, it’s kinda big for a laptop.

Am I being clear about window sizes? Maybe this screencap will help, check out the address bar in it… there’s no where to type!

Hi texx, that’s a bit extreme! There isn’t a built-in feature to hide any of those icons, other than you can remove the Pocket icon – right-click the icon and click “Remove from Address Bar” – and access it from the Page Actions menu next to it when needed.

For everything else, you would need to create a userChrome.css file with custom style rules. You can find many recipes on the web for different modifications. In your case, you might look at the rules in this file:

It scrunches the icons together along the entire length of the toolbar, hides some parts of the site identity area, and replaces the Page Actions area with a little gray tab you can hover to slide the buttons out.

If you are using the directions on the following page, the above file would replace creating your own file, but you’ll need to rename it (remove -MaxAddress from the name):