Rep of the Month - February 2019

(Michael Kohler) #1

Please join us in congratulating Edoardo Viola, our Rep of the Month for February 2019!

Edoardo is a long-time Mozillian from Italy and has been a Rep for almost two years. He’s a Resource Rep and has been on the Reps Council until January. When he’s not busy with Reps work, Edoardo is a Mentor in the Open Leadership Training Program. In the past he has contributed to Campus Clubs as well as MozFest, where he was a Space Wrangler for the Web Literacy Track.

Recently Edoardo helped out at FOSDEM in Brussels as part of the Mozilla volunteers organizing our presence. He helped out at the booth, as well as helping to moderate the Mozilla Dev Room. He also contributes to the Internet Health Report as part of the volunteer team to give input for the next edition of the report.

Thanks Edoardo, keep rocking the Open Web! :tada: :tada:

(Bhuvanameenakshi) #2

Congratulations Edoardo!!!:clap:

(Edoardo Viola) #3

Hello Guys,
Personally I’m very proud of this award!

Thanks you very much at who have decided to gave me this symbolic award, and at everyone of you!

It is a big honor be part of this Reps Community and be near all of you in this big challenge at everyday our mission!

Create and manage newest or existent Open Community and spread our ideals as Mozillians that take the challenge to be Reps!
Thank you guys!

(Luigi Tedone) #4

Congrats Edo! Well deserved!

(Henrik Mitsch) #5

Congrats @edovio, keek on rocking the free web!

(ganesh) #6

Bravo Edoardo, Keep it up!