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I deleted this message.

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Were you commenting to me about being nice to reviewers. I have always been very nice to any reviews I get. I don’t think anyone woudl have been offended by my reviews. Anyway I certainly hope not.

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I think AmyT was confirming what I said in an earlier post, and no, the vagueness of the finger pointing wasn’t in your direction :smile:

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My last sending is really a duplicate of the fist one, because initially I don’t understand the meaning of 3000x200 pixels. But the duplicate “Le lac léman” allow to display the full scene in a normal screen. Is it possible to modify a theme or delete it in order to replace it by a modify one ?

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Thanks. I didn’t think I had offended anyone but wanted to make sure

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You can modify or edit any theme by going to your account/My Themes, find the theme you want to change and click on Edit. You can dowload a new/edited header or footer and even change the colr schemes you chose.

Theme headers have to be 3000 x 200 pixels for different screen sizes. The “main” part of the header should be in the far right side of your screen. Some users like a design covering all 3000 and some don’t so you try to fade into the left side.

I hope this helps you.

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My original:

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My original Theme:
My Wallpaper:


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My original Theme:
My Wallpaper:

Copy back again!тикви/

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Sorry, I have approved this duplicate, but finding copies of the same theme created by different authors, it is rather difficult :imp: usually it is spam… as well as in this case where the author is probably still the same and he advertises also in both profiles a Czechoslovak site

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thank you denizli web tasarım topics and answers wonderful :slight_smile: Have different themes. Nice good