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(❤️) #66 original downloaded copy

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identical themes of different authors

(amyt) #69

Quick comment on duplicate themes–we tend not to remove duplicates that have users, because that creates a bad experience for people who have it installed. If a duplicate has 0 users, we’ll usually remove it.

(Mac Corbett) #70

Three of my themes were blocked for duplication of “Highschool DxD Clean”, “Highschool DxD Dark” and “Highschool DxD Clean/Dark” even though they aren’t the same. They are different variants based around the same characters. Could these please be rechecked for approval? Thanks

(❤️) #71

Please submit again the themes to make a further estimation, bearing in mind that however it would be better to edit too similar images before submitting a new theme with a small change or just a new proportion. Thanks for collaboration.

(Mac Corbett) #72

I have edited the dark themes and resubmitted them. Thank you

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(Lyrtil) #74

This one and this one.

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(KTM) #76

My theme is rejected, stating that there are pornographic images when it is not true.

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(❤️) #79 original downloaded copy from the original theme

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I cant post my theme and this is the reason: Header image alignment problem

What it means and what i cant do to fix it?