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(Ronnigon) #86

I went to all the trouble of creating a nice, long 3000-by-200 pixel theme header image so that the entire image I intended would show up on the right-hand side of a browser window, and when I submitted it, you guys hacked off the entire left hand side of the image so that it then super-enlarged what remained of the right side and thereby cut off most of the entire center and bottom half of the image when it’s finally approved to be applied as a theme.

Here’s what I submitted:

And here’s what the system does to that image, which then gets super-zoomed-in on to make it look terrible when it’s finally applied to a browser:

What’s worse, your system gives us no way to alter or adjust the image shape or anything after you approve it, so now it just looks terrible. Can’t you guys get this sorted out?

Finally, notice that what your system is doing, if we went to the trouble to submit a very long and narrow image so it would ultimately fit in the header just the right way, is that it cuts off most of the left side – possibly if there’s a lot of empty blank space there, for some reason, even though you actually want all that blank space so it doesn’t clash with the tabs and all the text on the left side of the header – and then creates a truncated, “more appealing” image.

But then it takes that image and zeroes way in on it, in order to achieve a very long and narrow final image that will fit in the header window – which is exactly how we’d designed it to begin with, but instead with ALL OF THE IMAGE WE WANTED.

Am I really the first person to complain about this? Because I know you’ve been publishing user-submitted themes for a very long time now, and I can’t imagine I’m the first person your system has done this to, and so I can’t be the first person who’s complained about this.

So when will you finally fix this?

(Caitlin Neiman) #87

Hey @Ronnigon! Thanks for the feedback. I’m sorry that this has caused you so much frustration!

When they were originally designed, themes were intended to work on very large screens and many toolbars, which is why the image needs to be bigger than what’s visible for most people. We have, however, noticed that some themes do not size according to the designer’s wishes once they are uploaded to AMO.

Currently, we are working on making some changes to themes that will hopefully fix this problem. Those changes will be landing later this year.

(Ronnigon) #88

Thanks for the explanation – and when the fixes are made to the system, will we have to re-submit our themes for them to be processed correctly this time? Or is what we originally submitted held in memory somewhere and not irreversibly cropped?

(Jorge) #89

If you want the theme to look differently than how it currently looks, you’ll need to upload a new version with the changes. The new system will enable themes to be more flexible, but it won’t change the way the existing ones look.

(Ronnigon) #90

Thanks for the info. So basically I just need to keep my original image saved somewhere and just wait until the new format comes out and then re-upload it then. But how will I know when the new format’s in place? Will there be trumpets?

(Ma Donnas Personas) #91νεμεσισ13/

(Ma Donnas Personas) #92краснодар/

(Ronnigon) #93

So I guess you’re showing me (not telling me) to just re-submit the design as a top-half-only image and just leave the bottom half empty, with just the desired background color?

If so, thanks – I had thought that might be a possibility, but then I wondered if there isn’t some more intelligent handling going on that detects and disregards empty fields. I guess you’re implying that there is not, however.

Again, thanks.

(Ronnigon) #94

(Caitlin Neiman) #95

Hi @Ronnigon! As far as I know, there is not an auto-detect and disregard feature for empty fields. Your theme looks great (although in the future, you might want to align your main image to the left; we’ve found that right-aligned images sometimes conflict with buttons on the right side of the browser) and I’m thrilled that a couple of users have installed it. :slight_smile:

(Sarah) #96

Pinging @amyt in case she’s out of the loop here.

(❤️) #98

(Oneeyecarpenter) #99


I’ve been giving 57 Nightly a trail run on HTC m9, Android 7.0, and found alternatives to add-ons that will not be making the transition. However, theme’s are washed out as though there is an obscure filter over them. Worst, is solid black turns grey, abstract images are faded, blue seems to be one of the better colors though. But, 57 is definitely faster than 55 currently with very similar add-ons. Namely Ublock origin,
smart https, and cookie autodelete. And theme: tranquil blue.

(AbdusSamad Miah) #100

Please can the above theme be fixed the stretch takes out the main parts of the writing in the theme, thanks!

(Pamela Rosensteel) #101

I’ve approved the edit that was made to it. So check it when you get the chance.

(AbdusSamad Miah) #102

You have indeed, most appreciated.

Please can you approve again i’ve amended the colour of the text this time.

Kindest regards.

(Pamela Rosensteel) #103

I don’t believe that text color changes need to go through the review process again. At least I’m not seeing the design again. If you changed the text to red, it’s already adjusted.

(AbdusSamad Miah) #104

Ah yes, apologies I thought those changes would also require approval, I have made another small edit to and re uploaded, please approve and apologies for the inconvenience.

(Pamela Rosensteel) #105

That’s not a problem. I do believe that some years ago any edit at all would require approval. It’s since changed but I wasn’t 100% sure. :slight_smile:

So yeah, your edit has been approved!

(AbdusSamad Miah) #106

Ah I see, wonderful - I think i’ve cracked the scaling with this last edit :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!