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(Pamela Rosensteel) #107

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: You have a nice weekend as well.

(Mr Propre) #108

High everyone !

I have a problem with 95 % of themes.
I don’t know to make themes add-on so I don’t know if it comes from the monitor’s resolution or from the monitor’s ratio, mine is a 21:9 display with 3440x1440 pixels.

Maybe the probleme come from Mozilla code or maybe from makers.
So mozilla should correct the code for making theme working with special ratio screens as my 21:9, and maybe for 4k screens (I dont have one to tell you if those have the same probleme).
If not Mozilla should communicate to makers to think about those big resolutions or special ratio screens.

here you can see the problem on top left corner, the theme stop before the left window border:

Thank’s !!

(Pamela Rosensteel) #109

Hi Mr_Propre.

In your case, having a screen resolution larger than the 3000 pixel width limit for header graphics, you will, unfortunately, see them like that, except where a design might not go across the whole 3000 pixel width and the remaining background color matches the background color selected when uploading a design.

All three designs that you show print screens of go across the whole 3000 pixel width of the image but their background colors are set to white. If the background color had been set to a more complimentary color (a matching color to what is at the far left edge) it wouldn’t be so bad. It would blend with the background color. It’s completely up to the designer though. They may not even think to take into consideration larger screen widths.

However, I do believe there has been some discussion about making the width of themes larger, at some point.