Reported sentences come up again

Okay, I found two other issue: When I report a sentence, e.g. because of spelling mistakes, I get another sentence to validate.

Problem 1:
If there are no more unvalidated sentences the field with the reported sentence turns white and stays. I can reload to get rid of it or play it again and press “No” (or "yes, but that’s kinda senseless…)

Problem 2:
If I reload it or if there are some unvalidated sentences left I can go on validating - but the reported sentence returns!? Some days ago I had to tell four times that the sentence is bullshit - and finally pressed “no” to get rid of it…

Reporting currently flags a sentence up on the backend but has no effect on your own validation queue. So the sentence can still come up and the only way to get rid of it is to vote No.

There’s an open issue for having it automatically interpreted as a No vote here: