Reps Call 28/07/2022 - take part!

Hello all,

As we announced recently, we would like to make some changes in the way in which we carry out the Reps Call.

One of these changes would be to move the call to once a month, as well as to announce the topic in advance so that the Reps have time to add any questions and suggestions before the call (especially if they cannot watch it live).

So, join us this Thursday, at 15:00 UTC:


  • New Format for the Reps Call
  • Guiding new community members in the #communityroom, how can you help?

If you have any questions/suggestions, please add them in this Discourse post.

See you soon!

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Adding here the slides for the Call, so feel free to add any questions in the etherpad in advance!

Hello all,

In the Reps call last week, we discussed a few changes we want to bring to the call and a project that we would be happy to have your input on.

You can check out the slides with all the information here.

The Reps Call:

Instead of having a Rep Call every week, we will have a Monthly Reps Call and an additional Monthly Community Call (open to all the Community and anyone interested in Mozilla). If you have any ideas for a topic for a Reps Call please put there here.

The #CommunityRoom

We have opened the #Communityroom in Matrix as a place where newcomers to the Community can find help from more experienced contributors (Reps are warmly welcome to join!). Here you can find some guidelines on how you can help out in the room.

We would also like to have your feedback on the room FAQ.

The Matrix Bot (help needed)

To help out with welcoming new people into the Room we want to start a project to build a bot. Please get in touch if you would like to collaborate with this project!

Please let us know if you find this summary helpful!