Reps in 2015 - What's your vision?

Hi Reps,

2014 is near its end, and I think it’s a good opportunity to share what do you think Reps program can do next year?

What would you like the program to accomplish? What can we do better?

Discuss! :smiley:


2014 was an awesome year for the Reps Program.

I guess for 2015, we can add focus to regional communities leading to a strengthened local communities all over the world :wink:

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That’s certainly what I will do in Germany/Switzerland/Austria next year!

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There are many challenges and issues we faced in 2014 as a community in Indonesia. In 2015 I want to participate more in making the community being strong once again

Australia is a big place and we should focus on establishing a great and productive community there. We can initially go with Sydney & Melbourne. It would be great.

We are also looking forward to make it more better and productive in India and focus more and more on QUALITY!