Reps presence around the globe

We don’t have Reps presence from many of the countries around the globe. Want to know council’s vision regarding this.

I think the most important thing is having community in these places, and that’s where Reps play a key role creating and building them.

As an example, some African Reps are helping mozillians in other countries to create an initial mozilla community there.

I expect from these new people we will see some leadership examples that will be interested in become a Rep eventually, but the process should be like:

Mozillians-> New community -> Experience -> Leadership -> Reps

(and not the other way around).


@nukeador Do you think ReMo is too EMEA/LATAM centric in how it does things like ReMo Camp and other bigger events? Could we benefit but having events in under served places that lack representation? There is only so much a rep from another continent can do to try and get new reps in another country.

Replying in behalf of Nukeador

I disagree that Reps is EMEA/LATAM centric, if you check our People map you can see that we are well distributed around the globe, with presence in a lot of countries – i just realized we have a Rep in Mauritius and also New Zeland! – we have big events running all the year in several countries.

About creating communities were we lack representation has been always an issue, we already have Reps traveling to another countries to give presentations, yet we are cautious with it, because travel expenses are very high, yet we want Reps that are traveling to give talks in places were we dont have representation to have impact, to participate in big forums and also attract students. Yet this doesn’t mean that we can not have Reps communicate with communities from another countries using the magic of the interwebz and create communities in that way. We are always looking for ways and options to make this happen within our possibilities.

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The concept “EMEA/LATAM” centric is confusing for me, how something can me centric and at the same time include 4 continents? Where is the centre of it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Replying to your question: No, most Reps are in Asia and also Council has a great representation right now of North/Centre/South America (3), Europe (2), Africa (1) and Asia (3).