Reps Resources Profile

Hello Reps,
in order to identify the training needs for Reps we’ve created a doc with the profile of the Rep will join this track.

The doc with the profile can be found here

Feel free to add your comments and feedback. The next step will to actually take that profile and create the training needs based on the profile and the material we already have.

The process of the work can also be tracked in our repo

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So only to understand better is to know what are the Resources that a Reps need in their job or what the Reps Resources as role need?

Because as I can read on GitHub talk about the new role (or functional team) and also in the document but the words of the name Reps Resources often are switched of position and wasn’t clear to me.

I think that the meaning is The Resources Rep is there to ensure a well organized event and to provide guidance [...] from the document itself.

Only to be sure that is clear to everyone and not only me :slight_smile:

Yes it is how you frame it: the Resources Rep is there to ensure a well organized event and to provide guidance.
I am sorry if that was confusing, sometimes we change the order of the words unconsciously.
On a broader scope Resources Reps are the Reps that will be trained from the Resources Track as a part of the bigger RepsNext changes.

Let me know if that was clear or you still have any questions.

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Now it’s clear :smiley:

Thank you all for giving your feedback :slight_smile:
I will leave this open for one more day. In the mean time I will start working on creating a draft with training needs based on the profile that was created.
Once there is a draft I will share so we can form it together.