Request for Google Apps / Meeting Place for 20+ People

(Hossain Al Ikram) #1

To do calls with communities as a Reps Regional Calls, which is 20+ or more, I am requesting a alternate solution than Vidyo [It does not work many times, for bandwidth issue]

Google Apps does the work, but can it be doable?

CC’ing @pierros

(Henrik Mitsch) #2

Hi Ikram,

What do you mean by that? Does Google Apps and/or Hangout work for you?

Best regards,

(Hossain Al Ikram) #3

Hello Henrik,

The free version does not work (as it allows only 10 person) but the paid version of google apps will work ( it allows upto 25 person)

(Tom Farrow) #4

Apologies you can’t get good connection to your Vidyo in your region. We don’t have an endpoint near to you, hence the issues.

You are more than welcome to a Google Apps account provided that your community requests one from us, but I don’t know if this was possible in the bug that was filed last time, I don’t think it was.

MCWS currently controls the only Google Apps accounts available to community. While this may change in future, Participation Infrastructure haven’t put much into that discussion as far as I can tell, so it won’t change yet.

Let me know if you have any ideas of how we can help you here.