Request for the Feedback from Reps on Milestone-1 of OKR

Request for the Feedback from Reps on Milestone-1

Name of the key result: Due to the skills that the Reps have obtained, they now contribute to a 20% increase on campaigns contributions.

Objective: By the end of 2019, Reps have skills that allow them to be local leaders

Milestone 1 : Identify the skills that people are interested in

  1. Write down the list of skills from the survey

Based 37 responses from the survey, following skill sets collected

Public Speaking (11) 29.7 %
Team management (4) 10.4 %
Social marketing (1) 2.7 %
Improve English (2) 5.4 %
How to use Github (1) 2.7 %
Conflict management (1) 2.7 %
Community building (11) 29.7 %
Conclusion: 60% Reps are interested in Community Building and Public Speaking.

Based on above responses, following two skills sets are selected in which Reps are more interested and they need to be trained in order to achieve the said objective.

(i) Community Building
(ii) Public Speaking

Reps are requested to give their feedback by replying on this discourse page.


Hello All,

I feel this is a great opportunity for the community to learn about these things. Although, I feel that Team Management can be merged into Community Building, as they go hand in hand. As they say, any COMMUNITY is a TEAM of like minded people working for a common cause.

Hello Reps,

I appreciate the results of the survey. But just not considering the top-down approach please take into account the bottom-up fashion where you can ask the Mozillians of these communities to give their feedback on what the Reps contributed in the development of these communities.


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Hi Vishal

Thanks for your input. Yes, we already have the plan to merge team management with community building.

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Hi Bhuvana

Thanks for your input.
The survey was exclusive for the Reps. The main objective of doing this exercise is to help Reps in improving the skill sets in which they are interested in so that Reps can improve the contribution and active participation in the program. Yes, your suggestion is good, we may extend the training for Mozillians as well in the future.

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The two choices sound good for me.
Iā€™m interested in that the way to implement that.


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Sounds great! Thanks. Will be happy to help as well :slight_smile: