[Request] Up to date building instructions for B2G

Hey Friends,

I miss FirefoxOS too much and would like to get back playing with it. There is no point in picking the 2.5 branch because there is no way to update gecko from there. So, can someone here point me on recent/actual building instructions for B2G?


Unfortunately the development has been discontinued, but the master branch should still work. The 2.5 manifest is referencing to non-existing projects since the B2G team moved them to their github repository during the transition project. I think the old build instructions of mdn could work with Linux, but since B2G is based on Android <=5.1 you need make <=3.81 and java 7 in order to compile.

I thought it was possible to build the transition branch, what happened to the transition? Was it cancelled before it was done?

I am a bit lost on what happened for I was not following the transition closely, thanks a lot for helping me with some answer. My belief was that there was a transition branch that would build from some more recent version of Gecko but without some APIs, I guess I am wrong…

The transition has not been completely finished because Mozilla has decided to remove the B2G parts of Gecko. There has been an attempt to build an android launcher on to of Fennec (the Firefox browser for Android) but I don’t know if somebody is still on to it.

The current master of B2G is what we came up with at the end of the transition phase. It builds if you apply the patch in https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1304965

Not all devices manifests were fixed though. The z3c works but I haven’t tried others.