Requests for "needinfo"

(Marcia) #1

Hello Foxfooders - As the triage team continues to triage incoming bugs, we are finding a few bugs where the reporter has not yet responded to “needinfo.” If you have a needinfo on a bug you will see an alert in the upper left hand corner of bugzilla. Needinfo flag means:

  1. The triage team/developer/qa needs more information from you - build id and device are some examples.
  2. The triage team/developer/qa is asking you to reproduce the issue on a more recent build. All foxfooders on Z3 should now be running B2G-dogfood-fota-20151230201227 after the latest OTA. This site has information about both Aries and Flame build status.

Remember that there are tools to capture logs on device even if you don’t use Bugzilla Lite. Please enable “Shake to save system log” in Developer Settings and attach it to the bug if you are experience a “state” based problem. This can go a long way to helping us debug the issue.

Thanks in advance for your help!