Require confirmation to activate a Thing

Is it possible to make it a little more difficult to toggle a Thing in the Things Gateway. I am thinking about hooking up a relay to control my garage door, but am a little concerned about how easy it is to fat finger the buttons in the UI. It would be nice if there was an option to require a confirmation press/click, or to press and hold or something in order to activate certain things.

Is this currently possible?

The most straightforward thing would be to change the type of the thing, by opening up the properties view, clicking the three-dot button in the lower left, and clicking “Edit”. If you select “Custom Thing”, the main control will no longer do anything. Instead, you’ll have to open the properties view and toggle the individual property.

You could also just create a Virtual Switch that is either PIN or Password protected.

EDIT: I just tried this out thinking it might be useful for something, but it would seem the Virtual Switches for both w/PIN w/Username/Password are completely broken. When adding a 4 digit PIN number or a password, they both always says “Incorrect PIN/Credentials” when applied and never gets added.

Here is the vague log if anyone is interested:
2020-02-15 00:41:56.924 INFO : AdapterProxy: setPin: 0000 for: virtual-things-11
2020-02-15 00:41:56.928 ERROR : virtual-things: AddonManagerProxy: Failed to set PIN for device virtual-things-11
2020-02-15 00:41:56.930 ERROR : virtual-things: Invalid PIN
2020-02-15 00:41:56.932 ERROR : Failed to set PIN for virtual-things-11: undefined

That’s because you’re using the wrong PIN/credentials. :slight_smile:
PIN: 1234
Username: user
Password: password

Keep in mind the the virtual things add-on was initially created for testing purposes.

Well duh. I just assumed the PIN was to be set by me, then the pin would be required to turn on/off the virtual switch. I am not sure I see the point in the way this works. Oh well. Virtual switches may have been created for testing purposes, but turns out to be quite useful for device groupings.

Yes, the virtual switches can certainly be useful. The ones with credentials were created for testing certain functionality, such as having a user enter a PIN code for a HomeKit device.