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User Research Templates and Examples

Idno User Research

A nice collection of possible questions, guidelines and pretext.


License:CC0 Templates

Lots of templates like reports, release forms, screeners…

License: Public Domain



System Usability Scale

The System Usability Scale (SUS) is a well evaluated, time proven and easy-to-use short questionnaire to determine the usability of a product and to compare it to other designs.

License: Public Domain

Source English:

Source German:

General Resources with section(s) on User Research

Usability in Free Software

A guide to improving the usability of (open source) software –
including sections or recruiting and research. Superpower: Can add a
5th essential freedom to Open source software: »The freedom to use
the program effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily

License: Creative Commons BY-SA


User Need Research/Ethnography

Beginners Guide to finding User’s needs

Disclaimer: I wrote this, so I am not impartial here. I hope it
helps along nevertheless :slight_smile:

A Beg­inner’s Guide to Finding User
is a book
(~100p equivalent) on how to interview and observe future users,
how to analyze data and how to report it.

License: Creative Commons By


Visual User Need Research

Disclaimer: …I wrote that too…

Visual User Need Research is a beginner friendly, visual approach to finding out about how and why users are doing what they do (booklet-length, ca 15p). Reading the chapters on recruiting and interviewing in A Beginner’s Guide to Finding User Needs complements it.

License: Creative Commons BY


How to do a research interview

Since conducting research interviews relies on the »right«
behavior, a video is a great way to learn how to do it. This video
shows what to avoid and how it can be done better.

Duration: 18min

License: Creative Commons


Steve Portigal on Analyzing Interviews

License: CC BY SA 3 or any later version.


The Challenges of Small Business Owners

A visual summary of an ethnographic research, showing
participants, their statements and observations. Nice example of
what an ethnographic research can deal with and which data matters.

Duration: 9min

License: Creative Commons BY 3.0


Nookie tour - Commonwealth July 2013

An interview/observation of a man walking us through a shell
construction which is going to be his house while describing how he
wants it to be like when its finished. This too is a nice example of
what an ethnographic research can deal with and which data matters.

Duration: 9min

License: Creative Commons BY 3.0


What is it like to be 16?

Creative Commons 3 BY

How do people choose the meat they buy?

A presentation of in-context research.

Creative Commons 3 BY

The Craft of Surgery

A tailor and a surgeon talk about the similarities of surgery and

Creative Commons 3 BY

Recycled emotions

I included this video to show an example for an creative approach in interviewing. The participants get emotions, written on little balls. They sort them into bins: recycle (experience again or think about them further) and »throw away«. For a research project it would be interesting to ask people why they decided how they did and which experiences they had in regards to this emotion etc.

Creative Commons 3 BY


hi @d_jan these are amazing! thanks so much for sharing! We should definitely add them, a few of the videos you’ll already find as resources but there are loads in there I haven’t see and love them!

We’re working on updating schedules etc now and I’ll let you know when things get added!

And thanks so much for sharing your own work as well, your intro to user research is really great!

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