Reviewing Extensions - What is the installation date?

I wish to review my Firefox Extensions, specifically I want to know the date when I installed all my extensions. Is this possible?

I know about Review installed extensions | Firefox Help support article but it’s not helpful. And I know about about:addons

I also posted this question on SuperUser Stackexchange site.

A kind gentleman pointed me to the extensions.json file which when viewed with firefox had a nifty expandable tree view. However the date was encoded in epoch seconds and it was hard to find which extension was which as the id attribute didn’t have the name of the extension nor a link to AMO.

Is there an extension or software or web app that would enable one to view it easily?

You can see a mapping from installed extension names to IDs in about:support. You can also find Epoch converters online fairly easily, though I admit it’s a fairly convoluted way to find this information. Don’t know of a better way, though.

I managed to find a solution.

Firefox Extension Tracker, a one page web app, was kindly created by Jefferson Scher in response to my questions via this Issues post on his Github repo for Session History Scrounger for Firefox (with lz4 support) — Fx File Utilities. FireFox Extension Tracker displays for Extensions: Name and Version; installation date and updated date; Status; and ID and source. It solved all my original question but didn’t solve my later wishes for sortable list but that may be in a future version.

Please see SuperUser for screenshot and further detailed instructions.