Revision or updating an add-on review

How exactly do I revise my review, and how will the revision appear? Do I submit a new review, or edit my old review? Will the date of my revised review be the current date or the original date?

You can edit reviews, and I believe it shows both dates afterward. But note that this will not notify the extension author, so if they left feedback it’ll be left without the original information or they will not be able to respond to your new review. Though generally you shouldn’t be using reviews for things an extension author would want to communicate with you, but sadly reviews are often the gateway to talking to a user and solving their problems with using the extension.

Thanks, Martin. Your answer is a bit obscure, but I gather that the extension author will not be notified of any amendment to my review. I did ask whether I could submit a second review, and if so that would solve that issue. Perhaps you or someone else could clarify.

A single user can only have one review per add-on, so editing and submitting a new review are effectively the same thing.