Roboform Add on can't be installed in Version 66.0.4

I wanted to install Roboform latest version into Firefox. I always get a failure message that the connection failed. But internet connection is fine. I need Roboform because I have many Passwords saved there

It is possible that you’re hitting one of the edge cases where applying the new certificate is failing. One example is

If you never had a master password, there’s also a new build that’s being worked on that should fix the issues for good.

Thanks Martin,
but next to my add on problem, my Master password i once chose doesn’t work either.
So I guess there must be another bugfix update or I have to return to an older firefox version

That won’t be helpful in this case. Since the issue wasn’t caused by an update but by the lack thereof.

Hi @joachim.siegert, we are aware of some issues (including master passwords) that were not addressed by the 66.0.4 dot release. Can you try updating to 66.0.5 and see if that fixes the issue?