Role-playing the busy families

(Thomas Zimmermann) #1

Hello Project Link!

I hope you had a good travel home from London.

Have you all been at Mozlando? The guest speaker at Mozlando was the designer or Disney’s Magic Band. In his presentation he spoke about how they stepped through a family’s complete holiday at Disney, from ordering the tickets on the web page to watching the photos when they are back home afterwards.

I think we should do the same for the Intelligent Calender track to get a better understanding of the requirements. The idea is that we form groups of 3 to 5 people which act like a busy family. Each group member would pick one role in the family. From the individual schedules of the family members we would then try to assemble a family schedule.

In the ideal case, this role playing of busy families shows us in detail where problems are and friction happens, and hence where our product can improve the situation (compared to Calender apps and Post-Its). With this information, we can work on optimal solutions for all the discovered pain points.

The detailed list of steps I have in mind is listed below. Please reply what you think of this idea.

  1. We form groups of 3 to 5 people
  2. Each group member picks a role in the family and comes up with an individual schedule for a complete day.
  3. The family’s ‘mum’ tries to create family’s schedule from the individual schedules.
  4. Each group discusses the complete schedule to find problems and possible solutions we can offer
  5. We add unexpected one-time events (e.g, weddings, funerals) to other group’s schedules (Do your worst!) to see how our Calender system could help there.
  6. All groups report their findings in a project-wide meeting.

Best regards